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    Talking Speaker vibration effect

    Hi guys
    Im working on a music video and im trying to make the whole thing bounce in time with the bassline .What I mean is that the clips move like speaker vibration. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Im using the pan crop option but it is not coming through as i expect.

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    I understand what you mean by bouncing in time with the music, but exactly HOW do you wanyt it to bounce. Can you link to any examples of what you what you want to achieve? How about describing what you're doing with P&C and how it doesn't do what you want?
    How about track motion?

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    Im sorry i don't have a link of exactly what I want to achieve but its that kind of effects whereby you see the performers vibrating in sync with the bassline. I'll give track motion a try n see if i can achieve this.Thanks TimStandard

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