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Thread: Need to produce a spoof satellite link

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    Default Need to produce a spoof satellite link

    Hi guys

    I have a basic knowledge of video on the PC.

    I am getting inolved in a charity event, for which me ad a few friends want to make a spoof video which looks like we have set up a satellite link to South Afrca.

    We could spend a great deal of time and trouble scripting and messing with sound and video to simulate this effect.

    However if there is a package that might have something that will put this effect (we will do all of the acting) then It would help up us enormously.

    Does anyone know of a package hat might simulate this...i.e. video dipping in and out with interference, sound fading etc....we will put in "link lost" messages and stuff.

    Anyone know of a software packge that is free or which we could buy together as a reasonable price which could do this.

    If not any advice about how you would tackle this.

    Thanks for any advice which will be accepted with appreciation.


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    No replies at all so I thought I would make my problem a little clearer.

    I want to make a movie (about 3-4 mins) that will be shown at a charity event between other acts. The movie will be a spoof satellite link up to South Afria.

    Need interference, fading in and out.

    I have a package that will take a movie and make it like an old silent movie with flickering and stuff. Anyone know if there is simething taht will help me?


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