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    Default Links and Downloads, Competition Update, and Others "st

    You may have seen the new links section to the left "feels like an air steward* - if any of you have some indespensible (video editing related) links to add, reply to this post and I'll add 'em.

    Similarly, there's now a downloads database on the forums. If anyone knows of any apps/drivers/templates that should be included... reply to this thread and I'll ask the developer, where applicable, if I can host the download. If not, I'll just provide a link to the relevant download page!

    You've probably noticed a few other cosmetic changes around the site as we're trying to make it more of a portal than "just" a forum. To this end, you may want to bookmark as the main page. I'll also be moving the content over from in the next few months, so there's going to be a lot more content here for you guys!

    There's also a wealth of information in many of the posts, so if anyone wants to help me create some guides out of the longer threads (and/or combine info from several!), drop me a line. It'll be nice to consilidate some of the info, and act as a starting point for further "discussion".

    Finally, planning for the next stage of the competition is well under way and a "formal" announcement hopefully just around the corner!

    Thanks for bearing with us while the changes are implemented...


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    I'd like to see a link to DVC up there personally.

    I'm more than impressed with the system they put together for me and I'd like the link to be shown as my recommendation to them.

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    Default Re: Links and Downloads, Competition Update, and Others &quo

    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    feels like an air steward
    I believe that the correct term nowadays is "Air Cabin Crew"

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    I'm almost there with the changes to the site, but I've managed to screw up a few things that I can't quite put my finger on. I'll have a thorough root around tonight, so please bear with me!

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