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    Once you have done your final edit can you lock the audio so that you can roll back and fordward the video edits to make for better conversation dialogue.

    You know where you hear and see a person speaking then halfway through you see the other person listening and you can still hear the other person speaking.

    It would be very handy if you could do this.


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    From memory - right click the event, down to switches and then lock.

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    Cheers mate, thats great. I assume that will work if i select all the audio in one go and then right click??? obviously my edit consists of many seperate takes and i want all of it locked.


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    Also known as an L cut.

    Ref: L cut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I use group / ungroup to do this, I assume this achieves the same result.

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    You can un-lock the video and audio with one of the icons on the tool bar, (CTRL+U) this allows the video and audio to move independently and then you can lock them back if you need to move them in unison again. if the clips change colour and a number appears that is how much out of the sync the audio and video are.

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