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Thread: Everio GZ-HD7 any info on it

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    Default Everio GZ-HD7 any info on it

    im looking at the everio gz-hd7 and was wondering how many frames per second it shoots?? i do alot of filming with Atv and dirtbikes would this be a good camcorder??

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    Default RE: JVC Everio

    I have recently bought a JVC Everio GZ-HD7, and although it works well on a tripod, for hand held shooting it is very poor, as the image stabilisation is so ineffective. I bought it mainly for the Safaris we go on, but when holding the camcorder in the hands it is not possible to hold it steady enough and a tripod is not possible in many situations, I imagine shooting ATV & Dirtbikes would be the same.
    JVC are aware but couldn't care.
    You would get better from a cheaper camcorder with a good OIS. The price of this camcorder is very high and there are others around much cheaper that I'm sure would give you better results.
    It's the worst purchase I have made, and am so suprised by the attitude of JVC being a global brand. Please check out other forums and save yourself aggravation and money.

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