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    Well, hello to everyone!

    This being my first post, i thought i would make it a useful question.

    So heres my story:

    For about a year now, i've been filming basketball games, just simple stuff, and with that video, i put it on a dvd and then copy that dvd for all the players. My method is to use win movie maker to record off the camcorder through firewire, then i burn with nero. Now this works, but somewhere along the way im losing a ton of quality, so the finished video looks terrible. I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to get the video from the camcorder to a single layer dvd without losing that quality, but still keeping it somewhat easy.

    Also, i have no real need to edit anything, just maybe chop a few seconds off the end.

    I have a very nice computer, with an 8800 GTS graphix card, so i can handle anything, and i can probably get almost any piece of software if needed.

    thanks for reading, and post with any questions or help

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    well, i have figured that the massive loss in quality comes from converting the video from avi or wmv, or whatever it may be into mpeg_ts. This conversion happens during the nero burning process, and is i think, necessary to be able to play in dvd players.

    Does anyone know a better burning program, or even a better encoder for nero?

    any help would be awesome, thanks

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    Download Adobe Premiere Elements 3 or 4 or whatever version is currently doing the rounds. It will allow you to do your capturing, editing and burning all under one roof and you won't have to worry about chopping and changing from one application to another. The download will run for 30 days, and is a good upgrade from WMM2. It will capture your avi file, allow you to edit your avi file and when you are happy with it, you then burn it to dvd using mpeg2.

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    Great answer, Nico.

    To answer your original question about the loss of quality - you don't HAVE to be losing quality during the converting/burning process, and you're correct in assuming that it may be one of the areas where you are losing quality currently. Nero, great as I agree it is for some tasks, isn't going to have a high priority on keeping your quality in tact - and neither, for that matter, is windows movie maker, but it seems like you may have known that already. Also, we must consider the fact that our videos aren't going to look as great on the big screen as they did on our computers or camcorders - and that's just a side effect (for me, at least) of pixels spreading out.

    Unless you've got a sweet HD camera, in which case my jealousy prohibits me from offering any more advice.

    Best of luck, hope this helps!

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    Standard definition dvd is mpeg2 based and so Nero is probably transcoding your DV file to some flavor of mpeg2 before it converts it to the .vob file you find in the video_ts folder on your dvde. You need to make sure that Nero is optioned to render your DV file to the highest quality mpeg2 resolution.

    I like to control the steps so I capture DV to my PC's HDD using ULead software to control the capture. An hour DV tape captures as a 12gig or so file (as you already know).

    I open that big .avi file in a ULead software product and when finished (if editing or adding titles or credits) I will render as highest quality mpeg2 so check and be sure that Nero is converting your .avi to 720X480 resolution.

    My experience is a DV file rendered as mpeg2 retains reasonably good quality so I don't know what Nero is doing and while the Nero utilities have their uses - DVDShrink uses the Nero burn engine, for example - I wouldn't trust nor use Nero for your kind of project.

    If you are going to download trial versions of software let me suggest you try ULead Video Studio - I think latest version is 11 - it is easy to learn and feature rich and probably easier to use than Nero once you get used to the user interface.
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