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    Default Music CD Publishing!

    My band has recently recorded a demo and we want to get a professional
    package together to send to the usual potential clients. So we are
    looking for someone who does professional, value for money CD
    Duplication. We plan to publish around 1000 CDs with the relevant
    details (Band Name, Song Titles and Contact Details) printed on the
    CD. I have already done a Google search and got a few quotes from
    there but there's nothing like hearing other people's experiences! So
    if any of you have any recommendations or have come across such a
    provider please do let me know of them. Thanks!

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    check these guys out

    Cyclone Music - Home

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    Default Re : Music CD Publishing!

    I recommended a site called CD duplication UK DVD Replication CD pressing UK which provides
    you good support on CD duplication. It has an experience of ten years
    in CD Replication with Jewel Cases, full color Surface Printing,
    booklets and front & rear inserts. I'm sure this site will make your

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    Default cd production

    Everything you always wanted to know about disc production, but your recording engineer wouldn't tell you...

    Time, Quantity and Money, and Packaging.
    These four things will dictate what you do and how you do it.


    Turn and shipping times for CD and DVD production runs of less than 1000 pieces are typically two weeks. That is two weeks from the submission of the final paper work, audio master, and approved preflight proofs of all print associated with the project e.g. CD inserts, tray cards and the disc art. The proofing process can take upwards of a week and is not usually included in a quoted turn time. This is one of the many reasons to approach a project fully prepared.

    Exceptions: Large quantity orders (1000 +), Last minute changes, Shipping snafu's or an act of God himself

    Note: Turn times for large quantity orders (1000 +) depend on many different factors and will be officially quoted at the time proofs are approved.

    Quantity and Money:

    Fantastic! You just made a CD for only $1.00!! Too bad you had to buy 1000 to do it.

    You can't talk about quantity without mentioning money, unless of course your budget is unlimited or you have presold an entire order. If you are lucky enough to be in either of these positions, please skip to the How it Works portion below.

    To get the most affordable price PER PIECE you typically need to buy many hundreds or even a 1000+ discs. Why is this? Digital media such as CD's and DVD's adhere to standard print industry quantity discounts. The more you buy, the less expensive it is on a per piece basis. The other edge of the sword is this: yes you will probably sell all 1000 discs over the course of your life time, but who really wants to move box after box of unsold inventory every time you move across town? (Hopefully you are successful, and this isn't the case.)

    Prices for discs (and any other petroleum based product) quite literally are dependant upon the weather, and on the job. No two jobs will ever be alike nor should you feel obligated to choose from one of only a few pre-packaged options.

    Music For All To Hear wants your CD package to be as unique as you are and does not profit from you confining yourself to one of only a few options.

    "You can have any color... as long as it's black"

    Henry Ford really said it best. In disc production his famous statement translates to; "You can have any packaging you'd like as long as there are only three colors on the first panel of the insert and black and white on the remaining. Your disc can only have two colors on ...unless you want to pay more...Oh and by the way, the tray card can only have three colors on it." Talk about a buzz kill! You've slaved away until 2am every night for how many months, only to be told that you need to restrict your creativity to three colors and black and WHITE!

    Only in rare circumstances will Music For All To Hear ever ask you to limit yourself to two or three colors.

    I run Music For All To Hear Inc. a publishing company in Idaho that takes pride in our customer service, attention to detail and great turn times and prices.

    We duplicate CD's, DVD's, publish sheet music and books and even offer order fulfillment services.

    We are so confident in our ability to offer the best FULL color packages at the lowest price, that we will meet or beat any company's price period.

    Lowest price, highest quality, guaranteed.

    Music For All To Hear

    -Aaron Bradetich

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