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Thread: vob skipping and jumping frames

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    Default vob skipping and jumping frames

    hey guys im not really sure what went wrong but my band and i were recrded by a venue and they gave us a disk to keep of it, it was like half the size of a normal dvd like a mini dvd.

    only the thing is when i ripped it to my hardrive and played it through any [COLOR=green ! important][COLOR=green ! important]media [COLOR=green ! important]player[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] it jumped and skipped frames like it was the way the guy edited it.

    i rechecked the dvd by itself and it played just fine no skipping no nothing played right through.

    i then decided to try dragging the whole video_ts folder onto vlc and not just the actual vob file and it played fine with just the occasional pause but no frame skipping or nothing.

    i no longer have the cd as it was sent to a family member the day after, so all i have on my pc is

    Video_ts folder containing: Video_ts , Video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo,
    VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01_0.IFO, VTS_01_1

    DVDCAM containg : DVDCAM.IFO

    Audio_ts: empty

    im looking to get it sorted then make it into wmv file for placing on myspace/bebo at some point thanks for any help able to give

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    You will need to use an editing package like Vegas or any of the other leading brands to import the video and then re-render it out as your WMV file. There are a lot of free converters available but they nearly all seem to have video audo sync issues. No substitute for quality software in this case.

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