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Thread: Is compositing mode Keyframeable

  1. Question Is compositing mode Keyframeable

    I am using Vegas 7 Studio which I really enjoy using as am amateur. I used to use Pinnacle Studio but it kept falling over, since changing to Vegas Studio the only problem has been my imagination.
    Vegas 7 Studio is limited to 4 video tracks, if I click in one of the track headers and change the compositing mode to multiplication ( Studio only has 2 modes, Alpha or Multiplication ) this affects every clip on that track. With only 4 tracks, I need to put more than 1 clip on a track.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to keyframe compositing mode so that I can use both methods on one track. I have looked in the events FX but cannot see any plug in that seems to fit the description.
    I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to acheive the desired result, wether it is keyframing or an alternative method.

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    AH! Studio huh!!!! - Sorry . .. I was reading as for VegasPro8 / . ignore me . .


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    Since you cant do that in vegas the full version I would think not.

    A work around 'may' be to render a clip, and import it back into vegas... a pain.
    Best to save up for the real deal - sounds to me like you need it!

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