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Thread: VOB to Quicktime conversion help - used SUPER

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    Unhappy VOB to Quicktime conversion help - used SUPER


    I'm applying to film school and they want my reel in Quicktime, MP4 codec. I only have copies of my short films on dvd. i.e. vob files (or folders with BUP and IFO).

    I have been trying to use SUPER to convert, but find it either comes up with an error, or it does convert but has playback issues. The primary playback issue is that if you click the maximise button to have the .mov file play in a bigger screen, it makes the QT box bigger but the viewable area of the film stays the same (1/4 of the screen). When it does this the film is blown up, as if the image has enlarged, but you are only watching 1/4 of the film.

    The quality of the film (when not maximised) is very poor, like it isn't properly digitised or something. Sometimes vertical lines, pixelation, jumps, etc.

    I don't really know much about any of this - but have spent all day trying to figure it out using different settings, scouring the internet, reading the instructions over and over.

    Please help!


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    Have you asked them if they will take a DVD? as that is a common format these days

    Try converting the Vob to AVI and then make QT with an edit or other program
    Step 2(a): Converting DVD Format(VOB) to AVI(DivX/XviD) Format Using #1 DVD Ripper

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