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    Hay, I was wondering, like in the movies Pitch black and others (think kill bill also) you have an effect where the camera shoots the frames in a blue color, is this possible in premiere pro?

    And maybe an other question, sorry if I can't post it here, but I went to South Africa the weeks before, and I shot some really need animals and landscape, but how can I edit this in the best way? cause mostly I don't have interesting sounds when I shoot them..


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    The movie looks plugin with Premiere 1.5 is fab at doing what you want with colour Otherwise it's a matter of playing around with the colour balance settings.

    As for the wildlife videos - well virtually none of the sounds you hear on wildlife documentaries are real! Ever wondered how, for example, the sound of snow crunching under someone's foot is so crisp? Well, they cheat and they fake these sounds with something else in the studio - and u can sure as hell bet it ain't snow

    One thing to do would be sort out all the decent sound you've got from the video, then think about where you can place them on your best selected items of video. Just cos the video was shot with the audio, doesn't mean you have to use em together now

    If you've got some really pants audio, take a trip to a zoo to record some animal noises and put this, together with a suitable music score over the top of the video (discard the original track or crank down it's volume).
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    Yes, I might have an other Idea like sometimes I recorded a dude who did his explanation about some of the animals I shot, So I can put his voice while shooting them.
    But then, can I put some subtitles on them, cause it's a mix between South afrikan and english

    also I recorded on digital8 tapes, and if I watch them true my camera screen everything looks good, but if I go in premiere pro and capture, above and at the bottom the frames move a bit, and its very anoying..

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    Don't worry, that's normal. Simply crop the bottom few pixels from the bottom of the screen if you want to display on a monitor. When it's played back on a TV, those few lines of resolution won't be seen anyway
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