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Thread: wholesale nike,shox,tl1 tl2 tl3,turbo r4 bmw mouster jordan Nokia8800

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    Default wholesale nike,shox,tl1 tl2 tl3,turbo r4 bmw mouster jordan Nokia8800

    Shoes-new Ltd company based in China. We manufacture our goods in China and sell it.

    We have customers throughout all over the world.For example:USA, UK .Italy France and so on.

    We mainly manufacture and sell all kinds of the sports shoes, jackets. T-shirts.Cellphone

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    welcome to visit it thanks

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    I assume that you are aware of the rules about posting here.

    You will be invoiced, as per the forum rules, as well as having your posts deleted. I'm sorry, as it looks like (bearing in mind the number of posts) that it will cost you a few hundred Euros.

    Sorry, but those are our rules.

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    Nearly deleted this thread - then didnt - then noticed Site admin has removed links.

    Leaving this up is kind of like putting heads on poles...

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