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    I'm almost ready to distribute a training DVD and have tested it on several PCs that issue a warning telling me that CODECS are needed before my content can be played.

    Is there anyway I can ascertain what codec is needed so that I can burn that to the DVD too to speed up the configuration process?

    I have produced the output using PP3 and Encore.

    Many thanks....

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    OK I'm guessing here.

    Are you using Windows Media player on these PCs?

    In Windows XP, as a default, the DVD codecs are not installed in Media player, it is a downloadable (at a cost) option! No I have no idea which rocket scientist thought that was a good idea either.

    You either need some kind of 3rd party DVD playing software or to install the codec for playing DVDs

    I believe that Vista has a fully functional DVD player (and of course Mac OSX always has!)

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