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Thread: XP PC not recognizing JVC mini dv camcorder through firewire or USB, Help!

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    Question XP PC not recognizing JVC mini dv camcorder through firewire or USB, Help!

    When I connect a device to the laptop XP prompts a box for the device. I connected my JVC GR-D244U mini DV recorder to the pc via firewire and nothing! Turn the camera to play and opened the Windows Movie Maker software and not detecting any device.

    I even borrowed a buddies newer JVC mini DV camera and nothing!! Even tried using the supplied USB cable for the JVC and still not recognizing the camera. But, I plug in my external hard drive through USB and it recognizes it. WTF!!!!

    PC: XP Home Gateway laptop.
    Using a 4 pin to 4 pin ebay firewire cable
    and the supplied JVC USB cable

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Go into Device Manager and see if you have an IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller, and if you do see if it is working properly by looking at the Properties. Did you get an installation CD with your camcorder? Can you try your camcorder on someone else's computer to see if it will pick it up.

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    I am not sure if I am using the correct thread to ask this question but my usb has suddenly stopped recognising my Sony mini dv handycam and I am not sure why, as I have tried everything and feel maybe my camera is broken but would like to ask a few experts first before ringing sony.
    It is 2 years old and I have been able to put video on to my computer for about a year as I never tried before, no problem until a few days ago, now my computer will not recognise my camera at all, the usb will not work. A message comes up on the videocam saying usb is invalid
    I do not know how to use the Ilink and do not have the leads for it anyway. is it easy to use and what do i need for it?
    thanks a million for any good ideas

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    I'm having the same problems connecting my JVC GR-D31EK through Firewire on XP.

    Installed the card and checked device manager and it shows up there, using a brand new 6-4 pin cable and nothing. no little bubble with "Found new hardware" tried switching everything off, plugging in cable, turning camera to "Play", then turning on computer and still nothing.

    Tried on a different computer with a different cable and still nothing.

    Anyone found a way round this?

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    If a camcorder isn't detected in any computer it's connected to, the camcorder may have a non functioning firewire port.

    If some computers can detect it but not others, it's either Windows playing silly beggars (see above post about device manager), or an iffy firewire card (or port) in the computer.

    One of my JVC camcorders has a blown firewire port due to it being connected to a computer with the 6 pin end (computer end) of the lead being plugged in the wrong way round. Oops

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