hey guys

Got a question about colours. I've seen loads of times in movies that they sort of focus on a certain type of colour, let it be red or white or anything. The effect makes it so, that if there are white colours or just light blue or anything it sort of get intensified and it becomes galmoures in a way.

I would think its the same thing, but it can also do that you pretty much make all grey, and only the red parts ( red as en example ) in the movie is there. But what im most looking for is the option of intensifying a colour in the movie so i shines out more than everything else, and can, if you want to complete feel out the screen. ( good for transitions between clips )

I hope someone knows what im talking about, i got no idea whats it called, but i would really like if someone could help me figure out how to use it in Sony Vegas 7.0d.

Anyway i hope you can help with it