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Thread: How much do you love video editing?

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    Default How much do you love video editing?

    A few of you may have heard of my site, . Now this site was born out of six months of the boredom of being "between jobs". (Never take voluntary redundancy before finding another job). About 50% of the guides were written over a year ago and it's high time I spent some of my precious time writing some new, shiny guides. After all, the world of video editing has moved on... it's time for a change. You may well have heard the name Digital-Director branded around. This is what I generally like to call the Daddy of the forums and the site.

    So here's the thing. Should I ditch the, create a fresh, funky and user friendly new design, combine it with the forums and call it ?

    Our favourite Ulead flavoured friend, Purejammy, has offered his Ulead experience in writing a few guides; and seeing as I have to pay the bills, I can't keep take another six months off work. So to make this work, I'd love to have YOUR input. Yes you. So what d'ya think? Itching to see your guide read by 1,000 people a day? Want to share your experiences and at the same time help others?

    I anyone wants to help, purlease drop me an email!!!
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    go for it marc, digital-director will definitely attract alot more people... just make sure you get another good google spot
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    I dont know much about editing and the such but I could maybe write some hardware stuff?

    Im not sure if that would fit but if there's anything i can do, id be glad to lend a hand
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    Hardware guides would be perfect... any content is always welcome!
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