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Thread: red line through screen

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    Default red line through screen

    Less than a year ago, I got a Sony DCR-HC38 as my first camcorder. Recently, though, a red line started appearing through the left of my screen. It doesn't affect the recording or video any, but I am still worried about this problem.

    There are some interesting things about it though.

    1. When looking through the view finder the video looks fine.
    2. When tilting the screen back, so the image displays upside down, the red line flips to the other side.
    3. Every once in a while, it will look fine for a minute.

    Do you know of any way I can fix it or why it happens?


    This is the best picture I could get of it:
    In this picture it looks like everything is red, it is a little, but not like that.
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