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Thread: No sound on some flash video clips

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    Default No sound on some flash video clips


    I'm using Prem Pro 3 and Encoder to produce mpg files, which I'm then using in Encore to output to Flash (still with me!!!!!)

    Quality of sound and pic is 100%, navigation is easy etc...only trouble is some flv files have no volume at all.

    As far as I am aware the settings right back from the original capture days have been the same for all clips so I'm puzzled by the fact that only some have no sound???

    All burnt to the same DVD etc.....

    ps - apart from the above I'd recommend this approach to anyone that is looking for a solution that relies on small files and the existence only of the Flash Player on the target audiences PCs.


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    Have you tried using any sort of thrid party software which will convert the flash clip to an AVI or an MPG movie format?

    This may solve your problem and the sound will then be present. I am currently unaware of any other thrid party software which can convert the specific flash file try "gooogling" it or something.
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