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    Congratulations go to our winner, Purejammy, for his entry "two for the price of one". A well scripted, filmed, edited and above all entertaining advert! I'm sure you'll agree that this wouldn't have looked out of place on TV.

    A big well done to all those that entered, and keep an eye out for the next, exciting digital director competition I hope to announce the details by the 1st August...
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    Well done Mr. Jammy!

    Speech! speech!

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    Jammy For President!
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    I am chuffed to bits! First competition I have ever won!

    I think I am most pleased because I actually thought that all the other entries (especially the one that was withdrawn) were actually better than mine. My goal in entering this competition was to see if I could get my work to a reasonable standard in comparison to some very techncially gifted competition. Perhaps I have suceeded in that.

    Did you know that between the posting of the rules, the voting itself and the competition videos that this part of the forums has attracted more than 5,500 viewers! I think this bodes extremely well for the second competion. So clearly there is interest out there! I hope the next one attracts more entrants and more voters. It really was an excellent idea Marc. Hopefully this comp has got everyone thinking, "Hey, I can do better than that!"

    I really think that all of the videos posted inthis competition were of a high standard. Well done you guys, you've set the standard for the next comp!

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