Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the most efficient way around an issue I have. I have a 16:9 project that needs to be exported to be used on Youtube. The difficulty I have is that I'd like to use graphics in the letterboxes at the top and bottom...

(for example)

I've tried importing the 16:9 project into a new 4:3 project as I was hoping that I could import an entire sequence, rescale to leave letterboxes and then insert the graphics and export. Unfortunately when I import the sequence it crops off the sides of the footage so when I rescale I'm left with a small 4:3 image (this doesn't appear to happen if you import raw 16:9 footage which is irritating).

I could export the 16:9 sequence and import the resulting file into a 4:3 project and add the graphics at that point but I have a lot of these to do so I'm hoping for something a little quicker and more efficient.

Many thanks for your help,