Okay so I'm working on a Machinima project. The video and editing looks great and all, and I'm quite a master at video fx now.

I've found though that I'm not 100% happy with the in game sounds as they're loaded into the game at a lower quality than what the games sound files are on disk. So I found all the sound files and set about recreating the audio track for the movie.

This is where I'm hitting a brick wall.

I'm using Adobe Audition 2.0.

I've worked out how to pan sounds left and right and change the volume but what I really need are some in depth tutorials on the subject. Is there any software that allows you to sort of say, "this sound starts at 2:02:12 and plays through to the end and is coming from this direction", so like there's a virtual mic and you position the sounds around the mic and the software applies all the effects you need to make them sound like they're in that direction. Hard to explain but if there's nothing like that then there should be.

So yeah, any tutorials or articles you guys know of on this subject.

Thanks a lot.