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Thread: Video to Web and the Quality is Awful. HELP!

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    Question Video to Web and the Quality is Awful. HELP!

    Ok, I'm pretty much on the brink of insanity with this. I just purchased a new Sony DCR-SR200, a hard drive camcorder with 40GB HD, 4.0 MP for still pictures (which I didn't need). I'm running Windows XP on a newer computer with plenty of space.

    When I view any footage on my computer it looks fine, nice and clear. However, when I upload it to say Photobucket or Youtube the video quality is awful. It looks all pixelated (sp?) or boxy.

    Since most of these video files are HUGE...58MB-99MB in size, I have to compress them. I've done it by compressing to a mpeg4 format as well as converting it to a flash file (swf or flv).

    Here are some samples of what I'm talking about:

    This one is the worse and most turn out like this as far as image quality.

    Video of Rikki x Jak Puppies - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    These two aren't quite as bad and almost tolerable.

    Video of Pug Ingy - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Video of Babalu Pug Puppy - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I've heard people say that the Minidv camcorders with the 3 CCD produce higher quality video but take longer to upload. I could deal with that part. But are they talking about the video quality AFTER it's uploaded to the web somewhere or just in general?

    I have watched video on Youtube and such and some of it is great as far as the image quality. What am I doing wrong? Is it my camcorder? Do I need better software? Currently I'm just using the Sony picture utility that came with the camera as well as some free trial software and flash converters.

    Anyway, I'm really stuck here and not sure which way to go. So any advice would be great! My goal is to be able to take video that I can upload to the web for some online tutorials I'm working on, but the quality has to be clear enough the viewers can see it well. I can't figure out how all the great videos I see online turn out so clear and easy to watch. There has to be a secret to it...maybe a better camera, better software...mode of uploading?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Sounds like you are transfering video to your hard drive and then editing and transcoding it and that is what we do. Camcorder quality and format - miniDV will look better online that stuff from a 220 line vhs camcorder BUT non one needs a 3CCD industrial quality and expensive camcorder to have uploaded video look good. Your new Sony camcorder is plenty good enough.

    My wife likes to upload home movies to PhotoBucket and YouTube. I usually get the job of opening the video she wants into editing program time line/work space.

    I trim whatever scene or program segment she wants and then I render it to a internet "friendly" file format/size like VCD or SVCD. Rule-of-thumb is about five minutes of SVCD video will fit under the YouTube and PhotoBucket size limits of 100meg. Your files as described are not terribly big and should easily meet the 100meg maximum.

    Some of the flash or other minimum quality streaming programs don't have good quality so try to use a program that lets you render higher quality like VCD or SVCD.

    Most of what my bride uploads is like 60meg to 85meg and our experience with uploading home video, movie scenes or other video content is the picture quality online is very, very good as VCD or SVCD format.

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