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Thread: Hi. Amateur video editor and had a question...

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    Default Hi. Amateur video editor and had a question...

    a stupid question I know, but i am an amateur. And Im not sure if this is the right place to post but couldn't find anywhere to post.

    lol if you watch this music video, you'll see in the background, it plays clips from the movie dr.dolittle...I know for a fact that the footage was added in afterwards and I was wondering what software of program do i need to be able to do the same thing?? I have adobe premiere elements 4.

    If anyone can give me any help, I would really, really appreciate it.

    Thank you heaps in advance.

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    Page error appears on my computer when i assess this video the video never plays dodgy link??? *or just my college internet server* will try at home and get back to you!

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    oh hey, thanks for replying! The link still works for me-its the music video are you that somebody by aaliyah.

    lol I think my question is a bit hard or maybe there isnt an answer-but really appreciate you checking it out for me, please let me know what you think.

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    it does work maybe it was just my college internet? :SS

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    Hey, I'm glad it worked! I just wanted to use that as an example of sort blending footage together-the dr dolittle vid in the background of the music video.

    And I'm buying adobe pro CS3 as well-is that what adobe after affects is for?

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    I probably don't clearly understand the question. Dr. Dolittle (if you reference the commercially produced motion picture) is copy protected material that belongs to the owners of the film rights.

    The movie DVD - like most commercial movies - has a simple encryption built in to prevent people from making illegal copies.

    You can do a Google search and probably still find free downloads of a utility called DVDShrink that will remove the encryption and compress the program so it will fit on a single layer DVD disc. I believe that DVDShrink was written to work with the Nero burn "engine" so you may need Nero - I think you can download a trial version of Nero at their website.

    Once a movie has been de-crypted and "shrunk" then the .vob dvd type files can be opened by some video editing software and, at that point, you could edit the clips you want together and the apply the music in the audio track.

    You could use clips of your own home movies or Dr. Dolittle and add jpeg stills with effects and transitions and scrolling titles.

    The you would probably need to render your program to a size that YouTube will accept which I believe is less than 100meg. Five minutes in VCD format resolution will be less than the 100meg limit.

    Remember that while the above is simple to do the MPAA takes use of their content seriously - making copies of commercial movies is a federal offense. Okay, okay - there appear to be a bunch of people posting copy protected stuff online.

    Remember that same applies to recorded music unless you created and own the music and the performance.

    So far as editing software goes I have Adobe Premiere and my opinion is Adobe products are difficult to use unless so unless you need professional level capability there is plenty of inexpensive and easy to use software on the market.

    I have fun with a program from ULead called Video Studio. Latest version available for under $100 and a nice Special Edition version is bundled free with a number of computer DVD drives/burners.

    I have used one of the "free" versions of ULead for everything from editing home movies to editing a concert shot with six cameras and separate digital soundtrack so these little programs are easy to learn and pretty feature rich.

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    lol thank you for replying but i think you misunderstand me.

    If you look at the videoclip of that music video, you'll see dr dolittle footage has been digitally sort of rendered in...i dont know how to word it right, but extra footage has been added in and blended in with the original footage. If you see the music video link I've posted, we have the original footage which is of the girl singing and dancing and on the background is the dr.dollitle movie clip playing against the silver wall, which was added in after the clip was made, so it was some sort of effect or editing trick was used.

    Here's another example of that sort of effect being used.

    So im not really after the dr.dolittle material, I just want to know how i can do the same trick as well, if i can.

    I'm buying a slightly used computer which has adobe premiere pro and i found adobe premiere elements 4 easy to use, so will stick with that most likely although I will check out the products you have recommended too.

    Thank you heaps for your help.

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    I haven't looked at the YouTube file - sounds like you want to use Chroma Key feature.

    This feature lets you shoot a scene - say a dancer - who is in front of a blue or green or whatever (depends on the software) solid background and then during post you impose that scene over the background video - in your case it is from Dr. Dolittle.

    Adobe Premiere should support that feature but I've never had a need to use Chroma Keying.

    A search should give you plenty of information.

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    Yes Adobe Premiere supports Chromakeying along with a few other types of keying.

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    Will check it out, thank you heaps for your help!

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