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    First post on this site,posting on behalf of my sister,basically i'm trying to find out which DVD Camcorder is the best out there for the money,my sister is looking to spend around 300max,she has 3 kids that would like to use the camera so it has to be quite simple to use,she has a DVD Player that she wants to use to obviously view the footage on and a home computer to possibly edit the content of the DVD,any help would be greatly appreciated,also maybe a little Jargon Busting would help basically explaing what all the spec's listed actually mean.

    Many thanks in anticaption of replies.

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    If your sister wants to do editing at some stage then steer her away from DVD camcorders, they are a pain in the ass to get footage off and into an editor. I would suggest a Mini DV camcorder instead, they give much better picture quality and are much easier to use when it comes to editing. After the editing is done, she can then make as many DVD's as she likes. Again, stay away from DVD camcorders if you want to do editing later on. They are aimed solely at point and shooters. Any of the current JVC, Panasonic or Canon models would do as she hasn't got specific needs, I would probably stay away from Sony camcorders aswell.

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