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    I was babysitting my nephew for a few days & we decided to make a cheesy zombie flick. Check it out!

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    seems pretty good and your nephew did a good job too.

    BTW, how long did it take you to edit the movie and finalize it for a release?

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    Thank you!

    Editing was the longest part.. just because i had to find the best clips (especially since my nephew is only sometimes when he holds the camera its all over the place! haha) & also had to find the right sound FX.

    So the 15-30 min of footage we had took me about 11 at night to 3 in the morning in one sitting.

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    Wow... I hope I can make something like that too. I'm just starting out, so it will take me awhile to learn everything.

    BTW, where could I find some good sound FX's??

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    Good luck! Learning all of this stuff was half the fun for me.

    I got all of my sound FX for free just searching in the sounds section at

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