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Thread: Free pint to those that can help! :)

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    Default Free pint to those that can help! :)

    Sharp Viewcam Z

    Yesterday it was working fine. Today I ejected the MiniDV tape and now when I attempt to put the tape back in the camera it immediately ejects the tape. I tried several tapes and the same thing happens. So I know my tapes are fine.

    I can get the camera to close without a tape in the unit without error, however anytime I place a tape in the camera it immediately ejects.

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    In my expirience faults such as this mean new camera time.

    It probably can be fixed but expect to pay 100 to 200 quid.

    When on of my cameras starts misbehaving like this I tak the kill or cure approach... first i give it a few bloody good whacks, if that fails to fix it I wade in with screwdrivers and crowbars.

    Good luck!

    Mines a coffee, double expresso, brown sugar.

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