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    I'm new here, so please be gentle with me!

    I have one video that renders at a snail's pace. I don't think it's significantly different from the others I do; no particular effects - just cross fades. Pretty much all the others render from the native format that comes from my Digital 8 camera into AVI in about real time. This takes about 10 times as long. Has anyone else had this and know how to deal with it?

    I'm using Movie Studio 6 Platinum and an Athlon 3800X2 with 1 GB or Ram. Source video is on an external drive and writing to a SATA disc
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    Any ideas chaps (and chap-esses)?

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    Cross fades can slow rendering down - if there are long persiods of fading that maybe could explain this. Assuming there sre no other effects applied this does seem a large difference - but that is the way with rendering - it can be a law unto itself at times.

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