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Thread: Quick help for autodetect subclips

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    Default Quick help for autodetect subclips

    To save myself a shitload of trimming, there's must be a feature that creates subclips automatically from a large media file...
    Say, i have a 10 minute video file wich contains about 30 clips. Isn't there a way to create 30 "subclips" from that file automatically? All the subclips would go into the project media without creating 30 files on the hard disk

    If windows movie maker has that feature, vegas must have it. but I CANT FIND IT, it's driving me nuts
    I'm pretty sure it uses the timecode to create the clips...
    I'm using vegas 7.0 with DV footage

    Any help on a working method/strategy would be greatly appreciated!!
    I have 2 hours of tape with lots of crap mixed with good stuff... I divided the 2 hours in 4 x 30min video files.

    What I planned on doing is to create clips, then delete all the crappy clips, then do a trim on the good clips, place the trimmed clips on timelime, do a final trimming and add transition + color correction + visual FX + titles...

    Is that a good work plan?

    Thank you guys!

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    When I want to "audition" my shot work, to choose and discard, firstly I use the device control and enable the scene detect option and secondly go on to then audition the clips within Media Manager.

    From within MM I can then collect and collate into Tag folders. I don't use subclips as a way to create a body of good clips, I use Media Manager.

    Previously, prior to MM, I would audition the clips and create folders and subfolders within Project Media.

    When You say "Say, i have a 10 minute video file wich contains about 30 clips." I am assuming that you used the auto scene detect? So yes, Vegas does/is timecode aware to do this job, if what you say you have is 30 clips? If you actually turned ON and the OFF the camera to create separate "clips" then Vegas will sense the timecode and create 30 separate clips. No need to create subclips for this purpose at all. But re-reading your post it would appear you have captured a 10 minute file WITHOUT using auto scene detect. This leads me onto thinking that you actually either didn;t shoot/capture by pressing the camera on and off and/or you haven't engaged auto scene detect. So, which is it?

    If you DID press the on/off button on your camera, I would recapture using AUTO scene detect.

    If you can't or don't fancy doing this "easy" solution then another way is to go through your 10 minute file and create "Regions". Read the online help about regions.


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    I captured the video using another program, i guess that's the cause of my problems...

    I'll try recapturing using the auto detect scenes

    Thank you for your help

    I have 2 hours of footage, do you recommend creating many small video files or fewer bigger files?

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