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    Default My latest music video

    Hi Folks,

    YouTube - Makes Me Wonder

    Just put together a music video for a song I wrote and recorded back in 1999 called "Makes Me Wonder"

    Any thoughts?


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    I like the colors, light, etc... The music sucks and I couldn't make it to the end, though. I like very much of your entrance. But I suppose that through the video, the idea gets boring. I mean, it's 5 min of you, and you were not so interesting. But it's a very nice video, plain and simple. It reminds me of "No surprises" that is a fucking awesome video. I was wondering how many times you recorded the scene... I'd suggest some effects, animations, etc. It wouldn't be so "over" since the video is so simple. I saw this video (YouTube - Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Version Finale)) and will give it as an example of what I mean. Take a look on the animations of the shirts. Well, those were my first thoughts about it.
    But I really think it's a beautiful movie. How did you make it? Which cam? Effects? Congratulations.

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    Love the song and the opening of the video. The rest of the video . . . Not good at all.
    After the 1st major beat change it should cut to some meaningful, but still B&W arty shots. This would lift it and cutting back to your face would be the reminder of your misery.
    Just my opinion FWIW.
    The trouble is, like most videos, they can be filmed and edited lazy, or you can devote every waking hour for months tweaking the life outa them.

    Me, I like simple, but thought provoking and black and white is always more evocative and moody.
    Just choose your scenes carefully, but keep em simple.

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