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Thread: I need help in creating a text effect, can anybody help?

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    Exclamation I need help in creating a text effect, can anybody help?

    Quick question since you guys know alot about vegas 7e. How exactly do i get that shine/glare to go across my text as im seeing all over tv, and on here. It is just a mere shine on the words that are already there. What steps do i need to take to accomplish this. Thanks for your help, it is much needed. I know alot about the vegas layout. Have been using it for sometime now and just can't figure this one out. Is it some type of overlay/crop/mask thing? Im not seeing it as a FX effect in vegas.


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    you first create your text media. Then you click on the add a chain effect on the bottom corner at the end of your text media, add radial blur. Then it will open the window for the media.Set the level of light coming through, drag the little player bar in the text media window to the end of the clip and drag the little dot in the square to where you want it to end, and presto, you have light goings across/ behind the text and at certain points glaring at you until it gets to the end. Your welcome.=]

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    Thank you!! This is somewhat complex but this should help thankyou very much! Im going to give this a try in my next vid.. I'll let you know if it works out.


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    Somewhat but not totally the effect im looking for im looking for more of a actual glare on just the letters not behind... It seems like it is on the letters itself in the effect im looking for. Maybe you can help me on this one?


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    OK Try this:
    Assume your original text is on track 2
    Put a copy on track 1, but make the colour brighter
    Now add a Cookie Cutter effect to track 1
    Experiment with the shape and feathering so that it appears to highlight just a small portion of the lettering.
    Now use keyframes to move the centre of the highlight across the text.

    far from perfect, but a useful start perhaps.

    You might get a better result if you create a mask rather than using the fixed shapes of the cookie cutter.

    I'm also thinking introducing a textured image and bump mapping might help, but this is way out of my league to give any meaningful hints. The sort of thing Grazie's superb at working on when it captures his imagination.
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    Ya, I've got this pretty well figured out now i can do it if i need to thanks all. I figured out the cookie cutter thing on my own before you got to respond have been away from this board for sometime, although thanks for trying to give me a hand, i've found that cookie cutter works best for sure. I'm sure there might be better ways but that's how im doing it now.. Thanks once again. After many hours of fiddeling though i figured out the cookie cutter approach wish i woulda just came back and checked out this forum, almost forgot i made a post till just now, and i already know how to do it now LOL.


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    Actually i've found the easiest way is to overlay a direct copy by pressing cntrl C then drag to an overlayed track. Once you have one track on top of the next add a cookie cutter effect sfx to the top track. After you have done this, then go in and edit the text outline to on, and make the Outline of the text in the text editing panel White, use the feather function to make it wider and thiner/more shinny. Then go back into your cookie cutter function, and create a keyframe all the way to the left at the begining and a key frame all the way at the right of the time line and bam it moves highlight's/glare across your text. To access the key frames since to a NEWBEE like myself they can seem rather hidden..? Simply click the bottom of the cookie cutter box where it looks as if there is nothing but the outline of the box and drag up the timeline on the right when you drag up is where you place the keyframes. Goodluck thanks guys

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