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Thread: Why is rendering so SLOOOWWWW!

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    Default Why is rendering so SLOOOWWWW!


    I need some help with adobe premiere CS3. I have about 16 hours of material that I need to render. To render just 1 hour took nearly 14 hours. My Pc is pretty good, 2GB ram, AMD64 4400.

    Is this normal? Is there not a way that I can render quickly or at least export it quickly?

    If this is normal, would there be other software out there that can export much faster?


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    Fourteen hours is waaaaaay too long. On the spec of your computer it should only take about 1.5 to 2 hours so something isn't quite right. I've noticed from editing and rendering in the past that it takes about 1.5 to 2 times the length of your finished movie to do the rendering, so 14 hours is way off the mark. So an hour long movie, which I've done a few of in the past should only take between an hour and a half to two hours. One of my PC's has a similar spec to yours and I don't have to wait that long. Can I take it you captured from Mini DV using Firewire, your hard disk(s) were defragmented before capture and that you didn't go overboard with special effects and transitions? Did you have any scheduled tasks, screensavers or antivirus software running at the time? If you did, then disable them all the next time before you do any capturing/editing/burning. You have to export in real time just like capturing.

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    I checked the settings I'm exporting with.

    1024 x 760 resolution

    perhaps its because my resolution is so high that it takes so long to render? The HD is pratically empty, its just been fromatted and had xp installed on it.

    any ideas?

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    Yeah it could well be that the 1024 x 760 resolution is causing you to have to wait so long. Maybe if you tried a lower setting such as 720 x 576 or the NTSC equivalent it might speed things up. 2mb/sec is well below even the Mini DV data rate which comes in at 3.6mb/sec, your video must look like VHS quality. What format are you exporting your movie as?

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    That does sound slow, but in my expirience things can get really slow sometimes for me in vegas when rendering.

    My record is 24 hours for 8 minutes - but that was in my single core xp3000 and the clip had about 24 tracks and a gadzillion of fx, so that is the exception rather then the rule.

    Bring on the cores - we all need more....

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    I am way out classed by those posting here.

    My duffer answer to your question is that the more simultaneous video tracks you have rendering/editing between and the number of transitions and complexity of effects you have included are main determinate for rendering time.

    Then if you are rendering your content to a HD or some other format that requires a BIG change in compression then rendering will take longer.

    My personal experience is that rendering is not RAM intensive but very chip(CPU) intensive. It is my belief that keeping source files on a separate HDD from your the one your working application is on can lessen rendering time.

    All of that said even when editing between six .avi from miniDV files with a lot of cuts and effects with a VERY slow P4 1.5gig chip it took only about 3 1/2 hours to render a one hour program as MPEG2 for regular dvd.

    I agree with the experts that something is wrong with the length of rendering you are experiencing - soemthing is not compatible with something.

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