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    Default Dual Layered Media

    Just seen the first prices for dual layered DVD+R... 9.49 per disc!!! This is rediculous when a) drives cost 50 and b) single layered discs are less than a quid.

    This is one man that won't be getting 'em!
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    i;ve been keeping my eyes open on these as well. the onyl time I've seen a listing for them was at and the price was a tenner a pop also and quoted "very long lead time".

    Expensive coffee mats eh?

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    on newegg, they're goin for $18
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    seen them about in a few places now, but really, what's the point? At the mo they're silly money. You can get 25 top quality 4x single layer discs for the price of one of these...

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