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Thread: Exporting to Quicktime in 16:9

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    Ive got a problem with widescreen format, Quicktime and Premiere Pro CS3. I need to export clips in Quicktime format, because when I export in these settings:
    File type : Microsoft DV
    Compressor : DV - PAL
    Frame Size : 720h 576 v 16:9
    Frame Rate 25,00 fps
    Pixel Aspect Ratio : D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.422)
    Channels : 5.1
    the clips show as 4:3 when played back with Quicktime player.

    The reason I need to have Quicktime player show the clips correcly as 16:9 is because Im going to author the DVD with iDVD6 on a Mac. So, I tried to export to Quicktime format with the exact same settings but changing file type to Quicktime:
    File type : Quicktime
    Compressor : DV - PAL
    Frame Size : 720h 576 v 16:9
    Frame Rate 25,00 fps
    Pixel Aspect Ratio : D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.422)
    Channels : 5.1
    I end up having a Quicktime file, as I wanted, but in 4:3. What is the problem here with Quicktime and 16:9 and how am I supposed to do the exporting to Quicktime in 16:9?

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    Presumbly it may be the quicktime codecs which are installed on your computer.

    I can't currently think of another alternative of the top of my head really..... !
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    I have noticed Qucktime plays all my stuff as if everything was at 1x1 pixel format, i mean that it does not care if the pixels are 0.9, 1.2, or 1.422... it just plays square pixels, and so everything seems close to 4:3.. i dont know if its because its not the PRO version or anything, but it seems to be your problem too.

    You have to test it on different players to really know whats going on, because the format is not lost, its the player thats messing things up in my opinion.

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    When you export make sure you select the 'preserve aspect ratio' option, or quicktime will just think you want to export a standard (4:3) DV clip.

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