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Thread: well here is my first movie

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    Default well here is my first movie

    im into alot of sports and one of the main ones is motocross so i started making a movie for that. here is the preview. Im only 14 so i have alot of time to learn, tell me what you think. heres the link

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    Here is the first big problem I noticed...
    If you choose a song to use in the back in the whole movie, be sure it has something to do with the movie. Otherwise, people who don't like the music (sometimes even them who like) won't like the movie. Of course it's not a rule, but most of the time it's true.
    You can think that radical sports has something to do with rock and so the music you chose has something to do with your movie. But, take a look at the youtube for examples of what I said: there are soccer movies with rock also. With rap etc, etc... And sometimes, the perfect song would be an opera.
    I don't know.
    I don't like the music for the movie.
    I could like the music without the movie, though.

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