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Thread: New System....need advice re installing XP

  1. Default New System....need advice re installing XP

    Hi Guys!
    Heres the new system Im having built. Delivery in a few days...

    -Gigabyte GA-KN8 Pro Motherboard(with Firewire)
    -AMD Athlon 64 3000
    -120GB SATA Drive
    -80GB SATA Drive
    -2x512MB DDRRAM PC3200 400FSB
    -ATI9600 256MB Graphics Card
    -NEC ND2500a Dual Format DVD Re-Writer

    Now Im going to be installing XP myself. Ive never done this before! I know XP will talk me through most things, but I obviously want to make sure my system is optimised for DV editing (on Adobe Premiere 6.5)

    Are there any obvious things I should/should not do while installing XP? I know sometimes XP will give me a number of choices to make, and Im afraid of choosing something unwise!

    Any pointers, tips, hints? Please please dont get too technical on me...Im new to all this, and most Jargon goes over my head.

    I love you people

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    everything should be 100% selfexplanatory except maybe sata drivers...just remember to hit F6
    2.6b at 3.3
    1 gig of OCZ Platinum Limited Edition PC3200(2-2-2)
    Abit IC7
    Seagate 80gb sata
    Aspire X-Alien
    460W Enermax
    9800 Pro
    SP-94 with Tornado

    Panasonic GS200 on its way with:
    3 DV Tapes, Tripod, Bag, Telephoto Lens, Lens Cleaning Kit

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