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Thread: DVD to avi??? (to edit to use in 2 days, HELP!!!)

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    Default DVD to avi??? (to edit to use in 2 days, HELP!!!)

    Hi guys,

    I have a DVD (so its a video_ts, inside), but i need to edit some of that footage to use in 2 days, and been trying to convert it or trying to work something out with Premiere or Encore but nothing, omly been able to import 2 of the files into Encore because it obviously reads dvd files, but they go black at a certain point (no idea why?!).

    So what can i use or do to get this done as quickly as possible? Any "FREE" converter out there ? (I tried looking!), Im quite certain theres a simple way to do it but never dealt with this stuff before...Hope someone can help.


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    Try Handbrake. It is free.


    If it can not help you,you can use iSkysoft DVD Ripper.There are versions for Mac and Windows.

    iSkysoft DVD Ripper, Video Converter Software for Mac & Windows

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