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    hi everyone.. i bought this camcorder and it takes perfect videos during the day and at night it sucks!! (note its a cheap camcorder/digital camera thing...just wanted it to take mini videos & pictures) but at night it doesnt record that good... how do i improve the quality at night.. heres an example of how it looks....

    Video of Dunk on 30"sz - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    how do i get rid of the blurry square things on it?
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    The only thing you can do really is check if the camera has a low light setting on it.

    If it doesn't, get a better camera.

    Software can only do so much, and if the information isn't there to begin with (black areas or white areas) you're not going to be able to brighten it without it looking worse.

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    ... or ....

    shine a good light on what you are recording.

    Sounds sarcastic but it's not meant that way. To take an image (photo or video) of somethign you need reflecting from it. darkness (i.e. night time) has little to no light hence it;s actually hard to get a good image of something.

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    In order to record decent images you need light as Alan says. Forget about relying on the camcorder to boost the available light levels as the gain is increased so is the level of noise and therefore you get more grainy (useless) images. If you are indoors switch on all available lights and even replace standard light bulbs with ones of higher wattage, but don't go overboard. Purchase a portable light that can be run from a separate battery that you can either handhold or put on a tripod. Try to get a light that can be pointed at the ceiling as bounce lighting is much better than pointing a 500w or 1000w directly into someone's face.

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