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In recent, Google hold a competition for in China.If you win you will become the Google Creative Director!!
How to participate in the challenge
Choose any one of the following three district to register and find challenges Precinct to view the detailed
Tudou(Potatoes) challenges District 土豆网 - 视频 - 播客 - 每个人都是生活的导演
The six Room challenges District 鍏*闂存埧瑙嗛
0086 challenge District 0086LAB 实验室+杂志 | 时尚消费 创意生活 |

Collected time:
November 20 -12, 20
Stop at 0:00 on December 20, a total of three challenges will have 25 individual entries the Google creative
December 20 -1, 5
25 individuals entered the final challenge of gas works
January 6 announcement challenge results

If ultimately who win the highest popularity works
If your creative works was selected by Google warehouses and ultimately received the highest popularity
You will receive 72 hours experience as the Google creative director
You will receive one chance to travel in Google China Beijing headquarters
PS For college students, there are additional eligibility winning entries. For further information, please concern
college Google Camp specific notice.