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    Not sure where to post this but...

    We're looking to start using wire effects for some videos, but we're not sure where to start. We basically want to use them for flying and related effects.

    What is the actual term to describe this? Also - what sort of equipment should I be looking for?

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    I guess what your looking for is a wire rig, Just try googling that, but be aware it will cost a lot and if you don't do it right it could be dangerous. you would also need a compsiting program like After Effects for wire removal. Again the learning curve will be high. So, The terms to look up are, wire work, wire rig, and wire removal. Hope that helps.

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    You're also looking at hiring people who are experienced in setting up and using this equipment plus the high insurance costs, if it's actors you intend to strap into the harnesses. What or who are you looking to make fly?

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    Found what I was looking for - thanks. Correct terms are indeed wire rig, wire stunts, etc

    We won't be using the equipment to that extreme - at the most, I think we would lift a person perhaps a foot off the ground - just enough to give the impression they are floating. (we are relying mainly on greenscreen).

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    Also, what is the bar called that keeps seperate the two cables attached to the harness? I could probably just make something myself but I'm under the impression there is something standard for this? (Something actually designed for this purpose)

    They use it in a clip here:

    Basically, I want something like:

    .....| <-- Main Cable
    ---------- <-- Bar?
    ..|......|.. <-- Cables kept seperate
    (Person Here)

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