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Thread: Beginners guide to editing/burning needed.

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    Default Beginners guide to editing/burning needed.

    Just got a DVD camcorder recently. I have two disks with files and want to string some together (perhaps edit out some short portions) and burn to a full size DVD. As a test I copied the files to my PC and eventually with a trial version of MPEG Video Wizard put together the files I wanted (the editing bits out can come when I know what I am doing) and exported to a DVD. The resulting file is an MPEG and plays on my PC, but not on the DVD player, which I guess needs .VOB files. Not sure how to do this and create .IFO too.

    I'm a bit confused about terminology: authoring, reediting, converting, reconverting, demuxing etc and would welcome a simple outline/flowchart of the processes involved in what I want to do. Suggestions of suitable easy to use software would helpful. I do not foresee doing anything very ambitious in video making and might not need to do more than joining, editing out, adding transitions and titles.

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    May be easier said than done - there's a lot of information you're requesting.

    Generally, the folks on boards like these aren't going to have DVD camcorders (myself included), because the ease of use generally isn't there when compared to traditional DV tape cams.

    There are programs out there that would accomplish what you're looking for (and Adobe Premiere Elements is a solution for editing and making dvds), and in many cases you don't need to know all about codecs and encryption and all that babble.

    You are, however, always going to have to deal with the added effort of ripping the vids from the DVD to begin with.

    Really, if you're not trying to do anything too out of the ordinary, you can find free editing programs all over the place that can give you basic transitions and such, then use a program like Nero or similar programs to make a dvd that can be played on your dvd player. Not much in the way of customizing menus and such, but functional none the less.

    Hope this helps!

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    I would not like to have or use any camera that writes images to a dvd disc like the Sony you describe. No offense meant - just a personal preference.

    I'm sure those camcorders meet the needs of a segment of the population but the design is to make video recording and playing a simple and almost single step for the user but simple models usually greatly limit what the user can do with his video.

    As previously posted, what you want to do requires what some call "ripping" which is taking the .vob file from your Sony disc and transcoding it to a more open format - like mpeg2 - to allow editing and other manipulation of the video. ULead video studio version 10plus will recognize and support .vob dvd files and convert them for editing/processing.

    Another thing - as I understand what the Sony DVD camcorder does - is it renders the shot video in a file type and resolution compatible for dvd players which means the result is a standard def. dvd which is a lower quality for camcorder capture compared to the miniDV standard.

    My suggestion would be to consider buying a camcorder that uses either tape or a hard drive and captures video with minimum of miniDV quality.

    Then you would need a firewire capture port on your PC so you can transfer the DV file without loss of quality.

    Then you can open those files in simple video processing software - like ULead Video Studio - and either perform editing, effects, scene transitions and add titles as necessary OR just render the file to suitable size/format for dvd creation.

    Consumer type editing software is pretty easy to learn yet has plenty of features if you care to use them. I taught myself digital PC based video and audio editing/mixing and while I am clearly not a pro I am very satisfied with end result.
    Go for it and GoodLuck
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