I'm using Premier Elements to watermark and edit videos for upload to a popular social networking site and I am having trouble getting the file sizes down far enough to upload and still have acceptable quality.

The worst offender in overall quality is that no matter how I choose to compress the original files they are being converted to .FLVs upon upload for playback in the social networking sites player.

Does using the same codec to originally compress the video after watermarking as the social networking site will use to re-encode it prevent any generational loss or artifacting? Or is there any particular codec that responds better to being re-encoded into a .FLV?

is there any tricks to minimizing compression using Premier Elements?

The files I'm working with have all already been compressed by their authors.
Because I have no control over the format of the videos as I receive them and they come in various file types and sizes I've been converting them to .AVIs before watermarking them to increase the file size to try to keep the videos from compressing too much when I finally encode them with the watermark for upload, but I'm still ending up with file sizes roughly half the 100MB size limit for upload.

Is converting them to .AVIs even doing any thing?

I've tried bumping up the 'quality' slider and 'kbps/sec' settings to their highest settings and always choose 2 pass, is there any other adjustments I can make to minimize the final compression before uploading?