Hi all,

I have just stumbled across this forum on my endless trail over the internet as I am trying to learn as much as I can about the latest and greatest hardware in a relatively short window of time. I have just taken on a new role in a small but busy video business. They are just about to go down the route of having new hardware acquired to the business and recently they have just upgraded and purchased the newly released Sony Vegas Pro 8. I am reasonably experienced in using Sony Vegas and have already had a few chances to use the version 8 but not to its full potential (at least not until we have a new rig). I am however not as experienced in the hardware side of things although I have done a lot of research recently to try and get myself up to speed on this. I have read a few articles and chatted to a few previous colleagues & contacts which have given me a good starting point. I have formed a base to what I think would be a good reliable system and I am looking for any comments or thoughts that anyone has. I am looking for primarily a high end video editing system suitable to run Sony Vegas Pro 8. I will also be looking to do a few office type jobs on it (i.e. word processing, spreadsheets, manage email etc). I also want to take advantage of having a new system by using it for gaming as well.

These are the basic system components that I am thinking of:

Processor – Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, Quad Core Processor (2.4GHz, 8MB Cache, 1066MHz)
Quad Core seems highly recommended but any more than Q6600 (i.e. Quad Q6700, QX6850) seem expensive.
Motherboard – ASUS P5K SE: DDR2, SATA II, PCI, 3x PCI-e x1
The component that I least understand so would not mind any feedback on this?
O/S – Windows Vista 32bit version – Home Premium Edition
I am currently using XP but can only imagine that will become as used and supported as XP has – might as well upgrade now save the cost of upgrading later.
Memory – 2GB DDR2 667MHz (2x 1GB operating in dual channel mode)
I have noticed that some systems are already customised with 3GB or some with 4GB or RAM. Although I see there is no benefit of having more than 2GB of RAM, are there any disadvantages to having over this?
Optical Drives – 20x Dual Layer Light Scribe DVD Writer + 2nd optical drive – 16x DVD-ROM with 48x CD-ROM for easy DVD multiplication
Hard Drive – 320GB Serial ATA II hard drive with 8MB cache. Currently I have a 160GB hard drive formatted into a main drive a backup drive and a recovery drive. Really looking for some advice hear? (We already have external 750GB hard drive’s for storing video). I have also been recommend to look at having hard drives work in RAID – but I am not sure that I am familiar enough with this to make the advantages out way the disadvantages?
Graphics Card – 768MB NVIDA 8800GTX PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT
At the moment I am caught between this card and the 512MB 8800GT?
Power Supply – 800W Quiet Quad Raid PSU + 120mm Case Fan
Processor Cooling – Super Quiet 19 dBA Intel CPU Cooler
USB Options – 4 port USB 2.0 card (total of 12 USB ports)
Monitor – 22” LG Widescreen (HDCP/DVI/2MS/1680x1050) Possibility of a second monitor)? Does anyone know of a cheap supplier for quality monitors?

At the moment all the footage that is captured is done so in DV I am not in a position to build a system myself but have been looking at various suppliers on the web that will either provide pre built option’s or allow me to customise a system.

I have based this system on one I have put together from pcspecalist.co.uk but if anyone can recommend any others or have any experiences from using pc specialist I would be very glad to hear them. As I said this is my first real go at fully choosing the hardware and I am quite amazed that the price is not out of our budget (I think the total came out around £1200).
As I said I am pretty much playing catch up in the world of hardware as I have not had any such responsibility or desire to take an interest in it until now.

All comments and feedback greatly appreciated

Many Thanks