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Thread: problem with avchd and vegas 8

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    Default problem with avchd and vegas 8

    I am just starting out with video editing and have a small problem with vegas 8.
    I am able to bring clips from my pana sd5 into vegas, edit them and render to mpeg2 and burn the project to dvd no problem.
    But the preview screen in vegas gives a slow frame rate when i try to edit.
    I am assuming this is because of the avchd files being prossesor intensive.
    Is there a workaround for this problem or does it mean an upgrade to a faster computer. I am currently running a P4 300ghz with 1024 ram.

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    Do you have the preview quality set to "best" or "good"? Try "Preview" or "Draft". You sacrifice resolution (in preview only) for a faster frame rate.
    A 300GHz PC is pretty powerful! Do you mean a 3.0GHz or a 300MHz (Actually that's unlikely to be a P4 so scrap that)
    Sony's own specs suggest 1GHz minimum with 2.8GHz recommended for HD so assuming 3GHz, my guess is the ignore everything except the firt line of this post.

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    thanks for the reply.
    your right i meant to say the computer is 3.0ghz
    i have tried draft quality and it helps but not much.

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