I am having a lot of difficulty capturing video. The comp is powerful enough (AMD 6000 1 GB 500GB HDD) etc

The problem I have is either the capture card or the software. I am using a fusion HDTV pro, Divco Fussion HDTV Pro PCI TV Tuner card.

This card captures with composite. I can only find one piece of software that will “work” and that’s, wait for it windows movie maker. Now one of the problems with that is that it crashes. I am capturing about 3 hours at a time.

I have tried sony veagus and adobe premiere none of which will recognize the card L

All I want is very easy but I am getting a little fed up with it so now I am asking for help

I need to know If I need a new card if so which one and what software to use.

I would really like it to capture in a compressed file mpeg, divx or something quality has to be good but not insane the file has to be editable (suggestions welcome). Minimal steps is a must.

I have two cameras that go into a pip splitter and a mic. (Datavideo SE-500 Analogue Video Mixer/Switcher</SPAN> G.D.B. International - Datavideo SE-500 Analogue Video Mixer/Switcher)

I need a card and software that will capture from this devise.