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Thread: After effects work's slow ....i don't know why? help, thx

  1. Thumbs down After effects work's slow ....i don't know why? help, thx

    Hy people... i was in Wienna on XXL stunt show and i have like 60min of footage...

    I recorded footage on my HC7 sony cam... 1440x1080 HD

    when i import 70mb of footage 22sec long... in adobe aftereffects.....i cant play it in normal preview speed and program become so slooooow....and when i put some effect on footage the things get worse ! !

    i have dual2core, 2gig ram, 2,2gHz...kickass graphic card...
    and on my laptop 2,2ghz, 2gig ram, nice graphic card- same thing happens.

    i dont understand where is problem...
    I made composition HDV 1080 29,97

    is my footage too heavy for AE??
    in premier works nice...

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    Yes the footage is too heavy, here are some tips:

    -Make your computer run on "best performance" settings. No fancy windows.
    -Work on half or even a quarter resolution when adding effects, you will see the option on the composition window. You will only want to change it when rendering, not for every preview. There is another resolution option on the "player" box (where you actually hit 'play', i dont know its formal name, im not on the software at the moment), set it at half as well.
    - Each layer can be selected to work on preview quality, there is a checkbox for it, it appears as a diagonal line (inside the checkbox) when working with full res, and a sort of pixelated diagonal when working with preview res.
    - Make sure your work needs to be output on 1080HD, if not, change the composition to something with less resolution.
    - When you are ready to render, change all the settings back to complete res and it will preview or render with full res. It will be slow again but the result will be optimum again.

    Good luck.

    Aditionally, you can go to 'Run' and run the Mconfig program to see which programs are set to be run at start up, there may be a lot of stuff you dont need running in the background, do a google search for the programs you are not sure about and uncheck them, it wont affect you, the only thing that will happen is that those programs you removed will take more time to start, but they wont be whoring RAM while you are not using them.
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    You didn't say what format you had captured your footage in or which codec but Alberto is right. Adding effects to HDV clips is not fast in After Effects. Well, not always anyway. I edit HDV footage all the time and if you stick to Albertos rules you can get by quite well enough.

    I use the Cineform codec which allows me to edit pretty much realtime in Premiere Pro but I don't get anything like realtime in AE and that's to be expected.

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    THX A LOT !

    today at work i give to myself a little time to figure problem out but it didnt go so well, so i made this notepad document :

    In past few years i was enyoing with premier, and it works great (i have cs3 pack now)
    ...but now i have some problems working with premier and AE - together.

    my problem is all about exporting from Premier and then importing in AE to make effects
    and then again into premier (whin no losses).

    Before my routine in premier was like this: I made a HDV 1080i30(60) preset, then when i finish my movie i export it whit AdobeMediaEncoder /windows media format/ preset PAL Widescreen Source to download 1024 kbps and i put it on youtube

    but now i need to put some segments in AE and make effects on them and i have hard time to make a good job,
    i need to know witch format and composition size to use when export from premier and import in AE.

    i have sony hc7 and all my footage is 1440x1080i

    so lets say i have my movie done in premier...
    now i need to do effects on some parts of my movie in AE.
    so i pick one part of movie by a 'work area' and export it (here come my problem-export it in what format and codec?)
    then that export part i import in AE, but how to make compatible composition for that file?

    and one tip- i have problems with HDV presets in AE crash when i start exporting...

    so what will be a nice combination of format and codecs for exporting work area and importing in AE and making
    effects and then exporting it from AE and importing it to premier without losses. ?


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    If you only objective is to display the movie on Youtube there is no reason why you should be using full resolution, it will only make it work slower. Youtube will play it at 640x480 regardless of the original res (1080i in your case).

    So what you need is a good enconder, and I assume Premiere is more than capable of doing the job.

    Id read this:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Good luck

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    for Youtube i have my way and it works GREAT..
    (when i finish my movie- i export one version for youtube and one version for me, so one is big one is small)

    but problem is with AE
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    Alberto your tips are working great for me!
    there is no slow AE for me

    THX man!

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    this is my problem...on this picture u can see my new clip from AE imported back in premier...this is how it looks like.. the pixels are wrong?

    i made same presets, 720x576 (pal) 1,42pix ....

    the problem begin when i import clip from premier into AE....the clip is to short in width, and i streach im and work on it and export and in premier clip have 16:9 cut...uh this is too hard for my working on it 2 days lol

    this is how it looks in AE when i import

    i think i dont know how to export propriety from premier....and so on ...impor in AE, export from AE..import in premier.

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    all the time i have feeling the preview screen in AE is 4:3 ....

    i found a way to export my movie from premier with no 16:9 cuts on botom and ond top, and no compresion. but i dont know export from AE ....i get 4:3 all the time and i can't make it 16:9...its locked.

    help anyone?

    isn this a someones routine ? :=)

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    Im glad im being helpful, i am usually the one asking questions so im paying back i guess.

    Here is a tip once you know the format you want to work with (most likely what you mentioned, 720x576 at 1.42pix):

    Instead of creating a composition and try to get the right settings, simply do this:

    1) bring your original movie into the AE project window by double clicking on it and then search for it on your computer.

    2)once you see it on the project movie simply drag it and drop it onto the little film strip icon on that same project window, its next to the 8bit (or 16 bit, or 32bit tag), and a composition will be created with the exact same attributes of that video clip, you dont need to make any adjustments.

    You can even then delete the movie layer that was created and work in a new amination from zero, with the exact same specifications on the composition, that way you wont have trouble mixing your animation with your video footage later on, it will be on the exact same format without trying to guess the composition settings.

    If you still got problems check if AE has the option for the settings you want, 1.42 pixels does not seem very common to me. Just check the composition settings and if those match I would believe it more than what I would 'see' on the window, it should be ok once you move it back to premiere.

    Good luck.

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