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Thread: How do i delete a single frame Vegas6

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    Cool How do i delete a single frame Vegas6

    I'm using Vegas6 as a beginner and would like to know how do i delete a single frame? BigBossGuitar
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    1] Make sure Quantise to frames is switched on.

    2] Expand Clip/Event View to get till you get Frame level. That's Expand not Stretch!

    Then either . .

    C] At front of Clip/Event grab leading edge and pull back one frame

    B] Away from leading edge locate frame and srub right by 1 frame, hit splt "S" key and delete,

    C] At trailing edge of Clip/Event grab final frame edge and pull back one frame left

    I find A, B or C the easiest. Others may have their own methods.


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    I've just started using vegas6 a week ago, i could'nt figure out the process you so kindly gave me.
    Thanks again for your time.

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    Lightbulb Ladies & Gentlemen please stand up, King Grazie!

    Thank you so much for your patience and time, you've helped me from a lot of frustration,
    I bow and i pronounce you King and Lord of Sony Vegas. monti

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    They are other people who assist here too. A simple "thanks" would have sufficed -

    I'm glad you were able to achieve what you wanted. I would hope to be able to assist where I can.


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