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Thread: Pinnacle 11 audio problem

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    Default Pinnacle 11 audio problem

    Hello all,
    When playing the movie I created in Pinnacle 11 Plus the audio sounds make some glitches every few seconds.
    I am using Divx (Avi) to make the movie and Iíve tried it in small and high resolution - the problem persists.
    I also tried it on a few computers with the same results - the audio music does not play consistently.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    OS - Vista
    Ram - 2 GB


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    Have you burnt the movie to a DVD yet? This may be a Vista glitch. Not noticed any problem with XP.
    Suggest you bounce the question off the Pinnacle Live Chat or ask the question in the Pinnacle forum.

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    Default Thanks, isnt this the Pinnacle forum?

    I havent tried to burn it as DVD becuase I want to put the movie file on the web.

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    Thanks, isnt this the Pinnacle forum?

    No. I am referring to the official Pinnacle forum.
    Pinnacle Systems - Forums - English Forums

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