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Thread: Making into wmp version

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    Default Making into wmp version

    Im not done editing my vid but i want to show some of my friends it and get some input how can i save it so it will play in media player?

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    I use Vegas Pro 8 - what are you using?

    This is what I would do:

    1/- Highlight the area I want to show in WMP.

    2/- Go > File > Render As > Save as type ( choose: Windows Media and the version you want) > Template (I choose the default, do this and see if the results are what you want: Size<>Quality) > Save.

    That's about it really.

    Personally I do an interim AVI render first. This gets any FX rich work I've done rendered up first, which can give the WMP render a better stab at the rendering. Also, and like you, I want to render to a format that ain't a full blown MPEG DVD, and just for a "look n see" option, I now go outside of Vegas and use my DivX encoder. This is so I can get an MP4 WITH sound to play on a handheld device, I literally give the client to watch. Very simple to get good encodes on DivX and I can also read them within WMP too.


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