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Thread: Help needed for incorporating graphics

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    Default Help needed for incorporating graphics

    Hi just joined so hope I'm posting on correct board.

    I currently use Pinnacle Studio 10 (PS10) and want to know the best way to incorporate fancy graphics as opposed to the titling options you get in PS10.
    What I mean by this is a lower cost equivalent of something you might see on News24 or Sky News, eg. where they're presenting some sort of business or economics story and are using animated line graphs, bar charts etc.

    What are my best options?
    Eg. Upgrade to a better editing package?
    or is there some way of doing it outside PS10 and then importing it?


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    I don't use Pinnacle Studio 10 (PS10) myself and the quality of graphics and titles can vary from editor to editor. If you are looking for titles like the ones used on tv, you would be looking at the likes of Adobe After Effects to start with and then moving up in price and complexity. I would check through PS10 and see what it has to offer and then go onto their website and see if they have any plugins that can be downloaded. You could create static titles in the likes of Adobe Photoshop and then import them into PS10 but if it is animated titles you are after, then you may have to look elsewhere.

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    Thanks for that.
    Since posting the above I did actually find a solution but I will check out any possible plugins.
    My solution is a bit convoluted because it had to be done offline in Powerpoint, exported to My Docs as separate jpg files then the jpg files imported into PS10.
    Nevertheless it seems to work OK.
    See it here (poor quality as it's on Google)

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