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    Not sure which forum section to post but here is a start.

    I take video of my son throwing the Javelin to analyse later in helping with coaching. I can get the video to the PC but I have a couple of questions regarding quality. I am using a Sony Digital8 camera connected to the PC via firewire. I know there are specific sports video software but it is a bit out of my price league.

    The point of throw is very quick and I was wondering whether converting to 50fps would help the clarity as it is very fuzzy which I would guess is due to interlacing?

    When at the track I wanted to be able to playback on a laptop the throw he has just done from the camera (as to render it would take time). I have found River Past PlayDV to play back from the camera but wondered whether there was a freeware alternative?

    Is there any PC playback software that allows two video to be played side by side i.e. to compare the current throw with a best throw?

    Any help appreciated.


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    Don't know of anything specific to "chuckin' spears" but it sounds to me like you want the 'javelin' equivalent of all the golf swing training software out there. They all do exactly the same thing as you want. Compare an 'actual' with an 'ideal' side by side. Do a google search on 'golf swing software' then check out the sites and maybe email them to ask if the s/w can be adapted by swapping the 'ideal' swings from the golf tour pros with equivalent throws from the likes of Steve Backley et al.

    Don't see why it wouldn't work.

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